Airborne Mark is a Polish born London based street artist known for a bold origami style.

Intricately layered animals and trademark paper folds are the key elements of his vibrant and instantly recognisable style.

Theme driven and large in scale, each mural reveals yet another paper inhabitant from an imaginary world called - “ORIGAMIA.”

Each and every of his wall is born out of the artist’s passion for traditional origami art.

Airborne Mark meticulously designs his tangible paper models rst only to bring them to life on streets via his 20-year-long unwavering dedication to the spray paint medium.

Finally, upon the completion of a mural, the artist ceremonially burns the original model reference to highlight the ephemeral beauty both of street art and his delicate paper creations.

His unique approach, also documented in video series, proves him a very popular artist for festivals and projects far and wide.

Airborne Mark’s ever unfolding creations can be hunted down on streets of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Kosovo and Poland.

Airborne Mark is available now for invitations to upcoming street art projects and festivals
worldwide in 2020.