Posted: 29-03-2015
Best days of my life. The atmosphere, people and vistas.  A street art event organised by The Hidden Streets of London at the iconic Teufelsberg, a former spy station situated at the outskirts of Berlin, Germany. 19 - 21 March 2015. Thank you Daniel Wood for invinting me to be part of this once in a lifetime experience.
Have a look at my visual diary and don't forget to Subscribe to my YouTube channel. UpNess

Devil's Mountain. Next few days will go down in history. TEUFELSBERG Berlin "Origami Stag" - Beast of the Void"Origami Stag" - Beast of the Void
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Posted: 29-03-2015
《 O R I G A M I . O W L 》 See in the dark. The time has come. See beyond the veil of deception and illusion. Humanity off your knees. Powered by The Real Art of Street Art.
"Origami Owl""Origami Owl"
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Posted: 03-03-2015
My latest commission. Spraypaint on 100 x 120 cm deep edge canvas. Sold and delivered to a private collector.
I really enjoyed the challenge, I can feel a new theme coming. Fancy a bespoke canvas too? Contact me for a quote, I can work to a brief.
Origami SpartanOrigami SpartanOrigami Spartan
Posted: 31-01-2015
OverCast from "CloudQuartered EP"

Available on:
iTunes     Google Play     BandCamp

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Posted: 18-01-2015
Thank you Dover Flowers for letting me paint the shutter again.

My mum is as an independent trader too so I know first hand what it meas to shop locally.  You give back to real people in your neighbourhood.

Do we really want each and every high street in UK to  look the same? Do we need another Tesco, WHS Smith and Starbucks?

Most chains don't even pay a fair tax like you and I. They are owned by shareholders. They evade tax via the Cayman Islands and whatnot.

We shape future with every peny spent. Let's choose wisley.

Origami EyeOrigami EyeOrigami Eye in Bloom
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Posted: 18-01-2015
Thank you everybody who signed up to the mailing list. The winner is Pauline E. from Gloucestershire who already recieved the limited edition of my Origami Deer Trophy glicee print in post. Don't worry though. Please subscribe to the newsletter regardless. There will be more great give aways. Each newsletter contains discount codes and exclusive pre-releases. I promise not to spam you. I send the newsletter no more often than monthly. Subscribe here. #UpNess
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Posted: 03-01-2015
《 O R I G A M I . R I O T S . EP 》 in the making! Getting there closer and closer!
Byron Hosking and Bartosz Szczesny are responsible for production of most of the tracks.

Out in February 2015

Byron Hoskint at The Lab Studions, LondonBartosz Szczesny at work. Can't wait for to relese the album
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Posted: 03-01-2015
Yet again Irony and I collaborated on a piece together. Curated by friends from The Real Art of Street Art in our beloved Camden Town.
Irony did an amazing job at coolur choice. And as you can see freom reference picstures. It's just bang on.
I took me a while to design the piranha itself but was really worthwile.

Colours nit picked by Master IRONY. Reference is the key.Four Days...A #WIP from last weekend.Origami PiranhasPiranha £50Piranha £20
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Posted: 02-12-2014
"Origami Capricorn (♑) "

Bespoke piece of art on a vintage denim jacket.

- Acrylics & Spraypaint
- High gloss varnish
- Uniquely studded and hand finished

* Edition 1 of 1
The Capricorn design as seen on streets of UK.

Unisex: (Suggested size)

-Size M (Female)
-Size S (Male)

Available now in my shop here.

Custom jackets to a brief.
Order yours at
"Origami Capricorn" Custom Jacket"Origami Capricorn" Custom Jacket"Origami Capricorn" Custom Jacket"Origami Capricorn" Custom Jacket
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Posted: 10-11-2014
Newest addition to the shop. Really chuffed about the reproduction of my latest canvas commission.

- Glicee Print

- Limited Edition

- Signed

- 45 x 45 cm (17' x 17')

- 305gsm Hahnemühle Photo Rag (Ultra Smooth 100% Cotton Rag, pH neutral, Acid Free art paper)

- £50 (inc. p&p UK )

Aviailable now!

"Origami Red Panda" - glicee print"Origami Red Panda" - glicee  print"Origami Red Panda" - glicee  print
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